10 Best Crypto Exchanges: Safe Investments to Protect Your Money

The 10 best crypto exchanges and investment or trading platforms are listed below. A crypto exchange is where traders can buy, sell, and convert different cryptocurrencies. They are required for cryptocurrencies to be exchanged on the current scale. Some exchanges give the most competitive pricing or speeds, while others specialize in financial services.

Best Crypto Exchange

Top 10 Crypto Exchanges

The best cryptocurrency exchange (best crypto trading platform)

1- Coinbase.

Because you can invest directly using USD, Coinbase is by far the most popular and one of the top 10 crypto exchanges. On the site, you may buy BTC, Ethereum, and Litecoin, as well as more than 30 additional currencies and tokens. You may also earn interest on your USDT and token prizes by participating in various activities.


  • The most user-friendly interface.
  • Invest in a wide range of tokens and currencies.
  • High level of security and dependability


  • If you don’t use Coinbase Pro, you’ll pay a lot of money.
  • The user has no control over the wallet’s private keys.
  • Popular new coins are being adopted slowly.

2. Voyager

Voyager is a popular cryptocurrency investment destination because it was one of the first publicly listed exchanges. They’re app-based and offer no-commission trading.

Voyager accepts the majority of major cryptocurrencies, offers excellent customer service and involvement, and offers reasonable interest rates on assets.


  • app-based UI that is very simple to utilize.
  • Trading structure with no commissions.
  • Voyager offers competitive interest rates.


  • Withdrawals are made gradually (can take upwards of 1 day)
  • In New York, it is not available (yet).

3. BlockFi

BlockFi is a bitcoin investing platform that allows you to lend your cryptocurrency and earn interest on it. You can also borrow against your assets rather than selling your coins and tokens.

If you merely want to keep your tokens, you may let them generate interest on their own.


  • There are no commissions or fees.
  • Regulatory and based in the United States
  • Deposits might earn you a lot of money.


  • There aren’t many tokens and currencies supported.
  • Free withdrawals are limited.

4. Uphold 

Uphold provides a straightforward approach to trading numerous assets: establish a single account and trade multiple assets without having to return to cash. If you’ve ever traded cryptocurrency, you’re aware that many currencies and tokens only trade in specific pairings, so you’re always returning to BTC or ETH. On the other hand, you may trade many assets at once on Uphold.


  • Pricing structure that is simple and straightforward.
  • Several crypto currencies and even certain equities, including well-known ones like XRP, are available.
  • Both desktop and smartphone applications are available.


  • Some of the items in this list are more difficult to use than others.
  • There have been several reports of bad customer service.

5. Kraken

Kraken is one of the first cryptocurrency trading platforms, with a wide range of currencies and tokens to trade and invest in. They also allow you to trade on margin. It is, however, a genuine exchange that is not as user-friendly as other of the top platforms on this list.


  • One of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • High levels of trust and security
  • A wide range of cryptocurrencies and tokens are available for trading.


  • One of the more challenging platforms to work with.
  • 2FA presents a challenge.
  • There have been several complaints about bad customer service.

6. eToro

eToro has been available for a long in the United Kingdom and Europe, but it is now open to traders in the United States. They have a large selection of digital assets to purchase and sell on their platform, and they even provide a trial trading account so you can test it out before investing real money.


  • Crypto trading opportunities are available all around the world.
  • Copying other traders’ portfolios is possible.
  • To begin, set low minimums.


  • In the United States, there are few possibilities.
  • Only 41 states have it.
  • Supports fewer tokens and currencies than the other platforms on this list.

7. Gemini

Gemini is a user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange that may be suitable for both novice and expert traders. If you’re interested in crypto investment or trading, Gemini is worth exploring. It has industry-leading security features, its own hot wallet, and a thorough help center.

Gemini Review 2022


  • A wide variety of cryptocurrencies to choose from
  • Low purchase requirements
  • App store success story
  • The most advanced platform for trading
  • Balances held in cryptocurrencies may earn interest
  • All fifty states of the United States have access to this product.


  • The platform does not support all prominent coins.
  • As far as I can see, there are no associated debit cards.
  • Fees for little transactions are too high.

8. Crypto.com

Crypto.com is one of the most popular and rapidly expanding cryptocurrency exchanges. It’s situated in Hong Kong, but it provides a lot of help to consumers in the United States.

Right now, you may choose from over 90 tokens and coins throughout the world, as well as 50 tokens and coins in the United States. In addition, their crypto savings accounts provide competitive rates.

The one big disadvantage is that it is now only available as an app; there is no desktop platform.


  • A large number of currencies and tokens are supported.
  • Interest is paid weekly on crypto savings.
  • You may link your account to a debit card.


  • Fee structure is complicated.
  • There is no desktop support, only app-based assistance.
  • Customer service is limited.

9. Binance 

Binance is a well-known cryptocurrency exchange that caters to seasoned cryptocurrency traders. It has minimal trading costs and a large range of cryptocurrencies for trade all around the world, albeit its trading possibilities in the United States are somewhat limited (Binance.us) . While the platform’s minimal costs are enticing, it has ran into regulatory concerns and is presently being investigated in the United States.


  • A large number of currencies and tokens are supported.
  • Transactions are completed quickly.
  • Fees are low.


  • In comparison to the rest of the globe, the United States has limited alternatives.
  • Not all 50 states have it.
  • Customer service is limited.

10. Bisq 

Users prefer the Bisq platform due of its security, ease of use, accessibility, and decentralization, according to the numerous accessible evaluations on Bisq; with no third parties to coordinate, traders may just deal on the platform with other parties.


  • Trades with a wide range of coins and conventional currencies are supported.
  • Several payment options are available.
  • Process of verification is quick.


  • Only alerts are available on the mobile version.
  • Only Bitcoin or BSQ can be used to trade.

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